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My name is Mary Lou and I am a Christian Singer/Songwriter. I love to mix the genres of pop and folk into my music to create a unique and pleasing sound for listeners. My music has led me to many diverse places: inlcuding the Knights Theatre in Charlotte, the Orpheum in Hollywood, numerous churches, and smaller, local venues.   

When I was a little girl, I would sing and put on “shows” for family and friends.  It was fun for me to play dress-up and pretend that I was a famous rock star. I've always enjoyed being on stage and ministering to people with music. As a child, I was given lead roles in the church’s children’s program. My talent continued to grow with hard work and dedication. When I was ten years old, I felt like I needed an instrument to accompany my voice other than CDs and soundtracks. I became interested in taking guitar lessons. My parents agreed that it would be good to learn an instrument, just as long as I stayed committed. I started taking guitar lessons, and fell in love with the instrument. After learning a few chords, I wrote my first two songs, “Prisoner” and “Hurricane”.  My hobby quickly grew into a passion. I added on the piano and harp to my list of instruments. During my fifth grade year, I was taking two hours of music lessons each week, practicing numerous hours at home, and writing many original songs. My parents and I realized that music was a major part of my life. Things were overwhelming between managing school and practice, and still living the life of a child. I started homeschooling because it allowed me to have an education and continue one of the things that I loved the most: music. Since then, I have written over one-hundred original songs and not surprisingly, added on another instrument: the mandolin. I also created an album when I was fourteen years old. It includes original songs I wrote at the age of thirteen and younger. My style has definitely changed since then, but my love for the Lord, songwriting, and playing music has not. I hope that you are blessed by the music God has inspired me to create.

- Mary Lou 

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